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Name: ThePast
Plurk: TsapEht
Time Zone: New Zealand, UTC/GMT +12 hours (give or take for Daylight Savings)

Any comments, suggestions, complaints, you know where to put them.
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For the most, yes.
Threadhopping: Yes.
Fourthwalling: Yes.
Offensive subjects: Open to most topics to talk about in game, will PM if have an issue with a topic.

Hugging this character:
Kissing this character: Yes.
Flirting with this character: Yes.
Romantic interest toward this character: Yes.
Fighting with this character: Yes.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Minor stuff yes, would prefer plotting out first more major stuff.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes, but he won't like it.
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Beep, message, ya know how it goes.
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Ya’know, give a boy ‘nough time ‘nd he get to thinkin’, [Without other distraction around.] ‘nd I be thinkin’ a few of us have ‘ready had run ins with the higher ups bringin’ us back from the dead… but how?

Be it we really clones of the last ones of us? Or be we all Humpty Dumpty like ‘nd they use giant stick of super glue, or some super advance alien laser health beam or the like? ‘nd how they know where all the bits go? Not all of us be human ‘round here. Merde, not all of us be humanoid. What happens if the intern be on the job that day, someone might end up with three arms or no eyes.

If we are just patch work fixes, what happens if, I donno, we get put through a wood chipper, or disintegrated? Don’t got much left to put back together after that.
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Who: Locked to X-Men and Young Avengers. Locked from Wanda Maximoff.
What: Discussing Wanda’s state of mind.
When: November 29th
Where: Via journal.
Summary: Time to reveal why Wanda is like she is, and how they can help her without making her crazy again.
Rating: M for possible language.

[Call him a coward for doing this over voice rather than video, or in person, but there was no way in hell Remy was going to put up with the looks and reactions he would get from this news. Was going to be bad enough what he got shouted back at him.

The timing was hardly right either, but when was it going to be? God, this was a hell of a mess, but… he was worried about Wanda. The closer they got in Luceti, the more concerned Remy was getting that she might snap and go homicidal again. Better to give a warning to all and brain storm what the hell they could do.

Thus, a strong drink in hand, hidden away in his apartment, he activated his journal to a selected few.

Bonjour all. Wish this was for better reasons, but got to fess up to ya’ll ‘bout some mess that ‘nvolves all of us. Wanda.

Those from my world would know how Wanda was when she showed up on the scene. Dangerous, uncontrollable, ‘nd wantin’ Buckethead’s head on a platter. What ya don’t know is why her need for murder sudden burnt out without bodies showin’ up.

Ya see… Mag’s had ‘nother Acolyte we boys didn’ know ‘bout, Mastermind. The homme got the ‘bility to rewrite memories. [There is a sigh over the journal, followed by the sound of a glass being put down.] Mag’s made it so Wanda’s memories were rewritten. He turned her into the loyal, brain dead, [But rather sweet, in a scary type of way.] Lil’ Loserhood member we all know ‘nd love.

Thing is, I don’ think it’s too deep. Scratchin’ at it could make it all break down, ‘nd that be some terrifyin’ merde. Things be gettin’ too close to call. Had Xavier show up not that ‘long ‘go, mais if someone like Mystique or Mags does ‘nd break that shield or whatever be holdin’ her brains in…

It just be ugly. Power restrictions or not.
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[For the most part the item store was generally full of boring stuff. Useful but boring. He got his cards from it, items to slowly fill his apartment, but it was all practical. So it was a surprise for Remy to find a familiar pocket watch on a chain on one of the shelves, one he hadn’t seen for a long time. His father’s. God it brought back memories, how he first ran into the man as a kid, how the old man always carried it on him even during jobs, and how it was always open on his desk when Jean-Luc chewed him out for screwing up. Their relationship had been strained over the years, but never fully broken, and it was nice to have something of the old man’s with him.

Bringing it back home with him, Remy wound the watch to restart it, frowning as he saw it was running slow but left it slowly ticking away before calling it a day. He would get it fixed later.

Day one:
[The next morning Luceti now had a new child dashing around, a little red and black eyed kid running between stores and getting into all kinds of mischief. Around seven years old, he is seen running between the clothing store to find something that fitted him, hiding in the bakery and snatching sweets when he could, hiding between the shelves of other stores, and around the seating of the bars.

While it was all fun and games, he was looking for his family. Had they left him? It brought back some bad memories of being stuck on the streets, and lil’ Remy was really looking for a friendly face to help him out. He had managed to find his Papa’s watch and was carrying it on him. If the watch was there, his father had to be too.

Day two:
[Waking up in his apartment again, an older teenage Remy finds himself in a place he doesn’t recognize and is more concerned about the wings than his younger self was yesterday. He’s more use to being alone on a job, being in strange places, but he normally remembers going to those places, not just waking up there. Getting in contact with Henri or his father is his first goal… he may get a little distracted along the way.

Wandering around Luceti, in a trench coat that may be a little big on him (Dude! He’s got a trench coat! How cool.), Remy ends up scouting the area before taking it a bit more casual around the shops and scouting out any local talent. Just cause he was in a place he didn’t know didn’t mean he couldn’t have fun!

Day three:
[Watch on his person and now ticking faster than it should, a much older, white-haired Remy takes his time exploring Luceti. No trench coat this time, but sunglasses still in place to cover his eyes as he takes a more relaxed pace through the village. It was strange to see some old, but young faces, unsure if he should interact with them or not. Too many memories, not all good.

He won’t plan to go out of his way to see those he knew, but wouldn’t avoid them either.

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[He was a creature of night, whether thanks to work or an equally active social life, but Luceti had quickly removed both of those enjoyments. The bars and newly opened club offered little to help a major dry spell, although Remy was more than ready to head off on a new mission into enemy land to steal more information. For now he was playing a good little helper, waking up earlier than he generally liked to and lending a hand to the farm before keeping an eye out for any other events. It kept him out of too much trouble.]

[Stumbling himself to his bathroom, Remy scrubbed his palm over his face and eyes, attempting to wake himself as he paused long enough to turn on the shower. Heading to the sink to take up his toothbrush, the mirror offered not the reflection the Cajun was use to seeing. Instead was a rather stunning, and rather naked, young woman stood there, and it took a long moment for Remy to remember that he had not had a good night at the club previously, but was looking in a mirror.

AAAAHHHH!!! [The toothbrush hit the ground as he grabbed onto the edge of the countertop with one hand, the other reaching out to the mirror but stopping midway to return to his, or her, own face. Grabbing hold of his cheek, he pinched it hard between his thumb and finger, pulling at it as if it was a mask that would come off. Getting no satisfactory results from that he released his face, instead slapping his palm hard against the same cheek.]

Merde! Dieu! [That didn’t help, nor changed what he saw. This couldn’t be real. It couldn’t! He was Remy LeBeau, a man, not a femme! He wasn’t an angel or bird either, but he had wings…] Godamn this place!

[Slapping his palm hard against he counter top, the action relieved little of the frustration he felt, before another string of curses got loose as the steam from the shower began to cloud over the mirror. Quickly turning the hot water off, Remy wiped a hand of the mirror to clear it, glaring at the reflection that answered him. This had to be temporary, it had to be. Another BS trick by the mad men who kept them here. The sinking realization that he couldn’t just hide out in his apartment until this all blew over sunk in, and Remy came to the conclusion that he was going to have to face the rest of the day stuck in this form. Hopefully he wasn’t the only one.]

[Action: Locked to Wanda] )

[Action: Open]

[A man, or currently woman, of his word, Remy tried to carry out his day as normal as possible. Primarily this meant heading over to give Luke a hand at the farm until early afternoon, heading back into the village for a late lunch, and to check out any randomness Luceti was dishing out.]


[Evening however found him trying to forget the day at HQ, drinking until everything was becoming a blur and trying to distract himself away from reality. Maybe not the smartest idea, as this body was a bit more of a light weight to what Remy was use to as the edge of his words began to slur together into a thicker Cajun mess of an accent.]

‘is be total merde. Just ‘cause I like ‘e femmes don’ mean I wanna be one. Too much work. ‘ough, if ya be a femme out ‘ere, ‘nd still interest’, sure we can still have fun. [A chuckle followed, along with the sound of another drink being taken. Both were followed by a silence, the music of the club filling the space until Remy spoke again.] ‘is better not last a month or more, don’ wanna go ‘rough all ‘at.

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December 30th to January 2nd

[Remy had been a little quiet of late, something that generally fell out of character for him. He hadn't shown up to act as an annoyance at anyones house, store, or other facilities; hadn't been picking up new items for his apartment or ammunition; hadn't wasted time around the coffee shop. He had just vanished.]

[For those who decided to venture into his apartment, which he left unlocked due to there be nothing in their worth stealing, would find any flat surface was covered in tools of his job. Blue prints, photos of buildings, detailed drawings and notes, tools used to adapt his own since Luceti was still lacking items he needed. The only thing missing was him.

January 3rd

[He was tired, he was sore, he ached in places he forgot he had... but god damn if Remy hadn't had fun! Missions, missions was his answer to boredom. Sure, he was playing a tool for yet another group he didn't really want to, but it let him scratch his itch. Infiltration, it just translated into stealing in his mind. Remy LeBeau had found a new way to pass the time, and he couldn't be happier.

Strolling his way around the township as if he had been there all the time, the resident Cajun looked a little worse for wear. The left arm of his coat hung loose, moving with the wind as his actual arm sat in a sling close to his body. Sunglasses managed to hide a few scratches and bruising as well as the tiredness in his eyes. His uniform he wore showed signs of seeing better days, patches of blood and rips, but most of this was hidden by his coat.

He made several stops around the village:

The Item Store, to restock on cards,

The Weapon Store, to get repairs and replacements for his knives and bo staves,

The Clinic, to check his injuries were on the repair,

The Grocery Store, to replace no doubt some of the stuff needing to be thrown out in his apartment by now,

and Good Spirits Bar, for a little something to help him sleep tonight,

Before heading back to his apartment for the night.
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[The sound of paper rippled violently in the air was combined with the hollow thuds of something light and small impacting against wood, the image on the camera violently being thrown around at random angles before it landed facing upwards towards the sky. Strands of grass loomed over the view of a tall tree, the camera looking upwards into its branches, as the sound of a voice was close by. A very annoyed and pained voice.

Quickly following behind the journal was the sound of something much larger and heavily falling from the tree branches, hitting quite a few as it dropped. This was the source of the voice, which was now letting out a constant string of curse words in French and grunts of pain. The figure managed to grab hold of one or two limbs during its decent, but was unable to stop the fall, as it finally landed heavily next to the open journal.

At first there was no movement from the person, the only motion visible from that of wind’s moment of the plant life. A groan and the appearance of an arm that partially covered the camera proved the man was still alive, along with a mumble.

“Merde… Remy, no more drinkin’.”


[Having been walking for awhile since his sudden decent into Luceti, the forest was clearing to reveal the town which... god, he was stuck in another hick town. And he thought Bayville was bad. He may as well try the bar Rogue talked about, maybe be able to scam a drink or two out of someone since he had no money on him. The trek through town was interesting, it gave him a starting picture of what the the area looked like. Remy hadn't even begun to figure out what he was going to do when night came, without a place to sleep or money to support himself. He would wing it, see what happened, as normal.]

[Avoiding to elude too much attention from others, or get into a conversation with someone he didn't know, Remy eventually sauntered his way up into the bar, pushing that half hour limit Rogue had originally given him. He was looking a little worse for wear but not showing that it bothered him. He would need to grab something to clean up the scratches, didn't want anything getting infected. Ha! The last thing he needed. Abducted by alien mad scientists. Losing a chunk of memory. And in the middle of who the hell knows where with no one he trusted. Great times.
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This post is for any and all interactions to be made with Remy

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